Thursday, September 16, 2010

Special Children

This morning, I joined our team in our ministry at the SPED (School for Special Children). It was my first time. We have been ministering to the parents of these children for almost a month now. A father stood up this morning and said he prayed for the first time for his child with MR (mentally retarded) during last week’s bible study. He shared how he felt about his faith when he heard about the story of the blind Bartimaeus

Testimonies like this keep us going, it warms our heart for we know that a seed of faith is being planted to these people everytime we go and visit them. You can very well see in their eyes, they need help and they need God.

For a while I was surrounded with special children, some with ADHD, MR, and Down Syndrome. People tend to look at them differently because we only see with our eyes, but I am sure God looks at them the same way he looks at everyone. God’s eyes surpasses beneath the physical and outward appearance.

If you think you are too short, (and you need hgh supplement) or you are too big, maybe you look differently from what the society calls normal always remember that God loves you and that each individual is special to HIM.

Therefore I am also one of God’s special children. Right?

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sexyjessie said...

I'm very encouraged to read how God's love and power moved in these special childen's lives. You are being used by God for His purpose.