Friday, August 27, 2010

Hospital Visitation

Our church went to the hospital last Saturday for gift giving and visitation. PGH (Philippine General Hospital) is a a government owned hospital. And what can you expect from a government hospital? People who can not afford to go to a better hospital cramped there. And it is a very depressing sight. As I have said in my post below, I cried and Rudolf ended up consoling me. I cried that millions of people here in the Philippines are deprived of good health care service. I cried that a boy as young as 12 years was amputated and even cried more that despite of his situation, he was in high spirit and smiling. God bless his heart.
medical patients at the hallway

It's there where I realized and told my husband that we will never be rich in this life, we will never be someone who have hundreds of thousand of monies in the bank because we know in our heart we will be giving it away. For I can not fathom how our government officials are given millions as salaries and yet our hospitals are as poor as that. How can someone worry about not having an iphone with iphone warranty or with not having that flat screen tv, or with not having a car? I am not that insensitive. And I do not write this just to brag that I am good because I am not, but really I just do not understand why people complain so much when they do not even know the plight of the poor.

at least we have a play area for the children

This has been an emotional post. Sorry but I can't help it. The scene from the hospital is still here in my heart. It was my second time to visit and I hope I'll not be immune on my future visits. I still want to feel their heart, in that way , I will not lose the compassion to serve the poor as mandated by the Lord.
Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker, but helping the poor honors him. Provers 14:31

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