Friday, July 2, 2010

weekend and challenge coins

It is weekend once again, and for my friends and fellow bloggers living in the United States, it is going to be a long weekend because they will be celebrating Independence Day. However, for us it is only an ordinary weekend. But I am so looking forward to it also like I always do.

I hope to accomplish a lot this weekend. Well, not as much as compare to doing a challenge coins because I can not. However, if ever I am to use it as a fund raiser or promotion to our new business, I know where to go to. In coinable .com you can create your own custom challenge coins or if you do not have deign in mind, they have graphic artist and they’ll help you create your own design,
I don’t think every challenge coins manufacturers can do that or offers that kind of service. Oh and they can even create coins in different shapes and size. How cool is that?

But back to my weekend, we will be doing the flyers for the food business and hopefully have them printed and ready for distribution next week. I will focus on marketing this food bowl because without market we cannot sell.

So, even if it’s not special weekend for us I will still be quite busy.

For those going on a holiday, enjoy your weekend and have lots of fun!!

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