Sunday, July 11, 2010

Credit Card Fraud

I know most of the people now carries credit card instead of cash especially in the western world so credit card fraud is rampant. I remember one credit card company calling our office and canceling my boss' credit card because it has been used to an establishment that has been reported for credit card frauds. It's hard when it happens because calling and arguing with credit card company, proving them that you were a victim is a major headache so be careful and be very vigilant whenever you use your cc's or you can have a rfid blocking wallet for you to make sure it is safe. It's like the chip blocks the info so no one can steal it when they swipe your card.

nevertheless, here are some tips for the safe use of credit cards.

1. make sure you keep an eye on it every time you use it.
2. Do not just give your credit card info to anyone who asks, make sure you know the company or the person you are talking to (if over the phone) if in the internet, make sure they are reliable and secured.
3. Sign your credit card as soon as you receive them. IT is very very important.
4. Keep you credit card on a secure place, don't leave them anywhere. And make sure it's only you who knows the details specially the last 3 digit at the back. I tell you once they know it, they can use it to purchase over the net.

Hope this helps.

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