Monday, July 19, 2010

Children's Ministry Update

Last Saturday was the last major activity for our children’s ministry. The Praisin Kids Town (Carnival fair) is an annual event we do for kids who can not afford to go to theme parks and play and get some prizes for themselves. This has been a very very good activity for them since we started it two years ago. We started the day early last Saturday and we are so glad that it didn’t rain until we’re done with the activity.

We expected only a hundred of kids but more than 150 kids came. Good thing we have lots of toys as prizes and we just ordered additional snacks for them. Once again we thank everyone for the support (prayer, money, time) you have given to us.

As usual, we borrowed the neighbor’s car to pick up the kids from their place to the event venue. God bless his soul for being so supportive to us every time. We are really praying because we really need a ministry van for the children’s ministry. I hope someday soon we’ll have one, and of course we do not need those luxury vans that are expensive and have high end car exhaust, we are praying for something like this:

Please pray with us for this vehicle. We need it badly, we will be using that van for museum and park trips for the kids and for the Saturday feeding as well.

And now, we are already planning the Christmas party for the kids which will happen on December 04 ( Saturday) we are hoping we can give each family a grocery bag (something) that they can cook for Christmas eve. I will update everyone with what’s going to happen for the kids party from time to time.

Thank you for being a part for the ministries here in the Philippines, If you want to know more about this Urban Poor ministry you can visit International Teams (Philippines) website.


May said...

We will be praying for the vehicle for use in the children’s ministry. God bless.

grace said...

soar up high for jesus. Ty for your sponsorship.. just deposit your pledge to my paypal account gracefancubit at yc.ty