Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day @ the church

So this is how we celebrate the Mother's day today at the church, All the children who have moms there were called in the front then they gave flowers (some have cards) to their moms and all the moms were also asked to come to front with their kids and then they hugged and the Leaders prayed fro mothers. I cried for two things :

1. I miss my mom so much
2. I have yet to be called a mom

You can not measure how great a mother's love is, I can tell how big their heart is for their children.

My mom whom I call Nanay did things for me even when I am already grown up and working,she will wash my office uniforms I am too tired to do that, she will prepare my food and even now that she's old (she's 71) she's never too tired to serve us all. I really miss her.

I can imagine her asking me what I want to eat whenever I go home to our home province and I'm sure if she's with me right she'll ask what I need and chat with me while I am bloging, surfing ,playing games and reading this lipozene reviews in the net.

She's very hardworking and I love her very very much. She's coming here on the 17th and we hope to have a belated Mother's day celebration by then.

How about you? How did you celebrate Mother's day today? Did you call your mom? didi you sned her gifts?


sexyjessie said...

I miss my mom too as I'm not staying with her.

Ps. Thought you are planning a little one soon. Any good news?

Andrew said...

te raqs. visit me back. hahaha and link link.