Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heat and Finances

How’s your Sunday everyone? Mine was not good, I woke up with a terrible headache this morning probably due to heat and to lack of sleep for the past week. I was not able to attend church which makes it all the more worst. As they say, “seven days without church makes one weak”.

Anyways, it is still intolerably hot in my part of the globe. And a lot are getting sick. In this times that I really really wish we had an air conditioner but these are also financially tough time plus another addition to our already high electricity bill will also be awfully sad. That is why I have to work doubly hard, online and offline. It is even harder when you have no savings at all, it’s like you seems lost when you found your self suddenly in need of fast cash and you have no where to go to. Good thing to those employers are understanding and can afford Payday Loans but what about those who can’t? Like in our company, I don’t think they do offer that. My co-employees resort to loaning from personal friends rather than in the company which is better because friends do understand.

And because I am still in this humid, hot, warm country, let me share with you some tips how to cool your self if you don’t have an air conditioned room.

1. Drink lots of water (cold water if possible) –I’ve probably been consuming more than 8 glasses a day.
2. Ice is my best friend today – I got some cube ice, put in o towel, then place it to my face and neck from time to time. It helps big time.
3. Open all your windows and let some fresh air (if there is) come inside the room. Open all the curtains-I also opened our door.
4. Wear sleeveless, spaghetti strap, sandos or any clothes that are comfortable and cool enough for you.


sexyjessie said...

Sunday church was wonderful, felt God's presence.

Weather is very hot here in Penang, Malaysia. It's global warming thing.

Yeah, drink lots of water.

Pia said...

hi rocks. thought i'd let you know that i chose your blog to receive an award. hope you like it. ♥