Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye Rachael

Today we said goodbye to our dear missionary from UK, RACHAEL JACKSON.

It was actually a week long of goodbyes and tears and to say that the church is sad is an understatement. Rachael is not just a visiting missionary, she has become part of our ministries here, she has become family to many of us. Sending her to airport tonight, seeing her enter that door and at the same time trying to withhold tears is tough. But we did let her go because we know God has the best plans for her future and we know in our hearts that we will always be a part of her life. We shared tons of memories for the whole year she stayed with us, from laughter to tears, from victories to disappointments, from planning to executing, from meetings to ministries, from coffee to dinner, from swimming pools to beaches and from embracing to letting go.

We spent many hours planning about the "Praisin Kid's Town in October 2009"

We spent lots of coffee time for hygiene days. Thinking of what to include in the health kit we will give to kids and from buying all the stuff in Divisoria.

We talked about almost everything from make -ups to movies, from baking to laundry, almost everything, i guess we even talked about hair loss cure. It was a year filled with memories that will be kept in every heart that has become part of Rachael's life.

Again, we thank you my dear for being such a HUGE blessing to the FISHNETS ministries and to LJBC Church. Rest assured that we will never ever forget you. We look forward to seeing you here again soon!!

May the Lord bless you a thousand folds in return. And always remember that your Filipino family will always be here for you. I LOVE YOU!

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