Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Prayer

"Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name: make known among the nations what he has done"
Psalm 105:1My yahoo messenger status for the whole week is “God is good all the time” because He really is. Even when we are in bad situations, even if economy is bad, even if our health is not in good condition, even if relationships are broken, even if our heart is down, and even if we are BAD, God remains to be good. ALL THE TIME.

And I thank Him so much for that. Because of His goodness I am always being restored.

This week He’s teaching me about prayer. The book “fresh wind and fresh fire” by Jim Cymbala has opened my eyes anew about how prayer works. I also watch the video “My house will be called a house of prayer.” And guess what the sermon was in our church last Sunday? It was also about prayer.

Compared to the hours I spent over the internet against praying I know I fail him but I thank God for reminding me and for the conviction.

And thank you Lord for being good even if I am not most of the time.

Head on to Lynn’s site and read how God is working at her through her neighbor

Be blessed everyone.

And just before you go can you just say a prayer for someone please? It could be a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, it could be your parents or sisters or brothers or someone from your church, your pastor or even someone form the blogging world. God will surely bless that someone because behold someone prayed for the.


LaughingLady said...

"Compared to the hours I spent over the internet against praying I know I fail him but I thank God for reminding me and for the conviction."

Ouch. Seems we're experiencing similar convictions! I don't watch much TV anymore and I tend to feel pretty smug about that, but then when I realize that it's been replaced by an unhealthy addiction to my computer, I realize I'm really no further ahead!! And I'm so sad when I realize how little time I spend with God in comparison, even though I read my Bible every day and talk to Him periodically throughout the day.

Great post!

Joshlin said...

Prayer is a strong and great thing. So often we don't know if our prayers have been answered when we pray for those we don't know. We must just keep praying. EVERY PRAYER COUNTS!!!!

Have a blessed week!

shopannies said...

Prayer is very powerful we should stay in constant prayer I love the song and though someone is praying me through

Rita T. said...

I'm so glad that God is good all the time too! Great reminder!

Nana Jul said...

Yes He is good...all the time!
I liked your PS to say a prayer for someone...I sister Kate.
Prayer is powerful! And effective!
Have a great weekend...stay thankful!

jo.attalife said...

Ah, prayer. One of the backbones of Christian existence. I remember a cartoon I read, where an old lady was telling a young 'un, "I've been doing wireless communication my whole life!" Indeed. ;)