Monday, April 12, 2010

Rise UP homecoming concert

I was supposed to attend Rise Up's homecoming worship concert tonight with hubby and we were supposed to go straight to the venue from my office but I do not feel well and all I want to do tonight is sleep and get rest. I do not know why I am dizzy the whole afternoon, it's probably because I've been reading and typing the whole day. Hubby was actually a bit disappointed when I told him I can't make it because we've been looking forward to this. But then he agreed that I should rest, how I wish I'll be resting in an air conditioned home with a home theater seating or a super comfy bed but that is just wishful thinking. The weather's been up to more than 35 degrees lately and it is so hot. I say my wishing for an air conditioned home is reasonable.

Anyways, I hope those who would come to the concert to have fun and have a very energized night with the band. i am sure it will be a blessed night. Pastor Roman (the lead singer) is more than just a singer but is also a very good speaker.

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sexyjessie said...

:( So sad that you can't attend the concert.

U should get the dvd and watch in the confort of your home.