Friday, April 23, 2010

Glasses and a relax weekend

Finally weekend is here :) It was a busy week for me and my husband, me at work and him with the kid's ministry. Vacation Bible School is over and we're looking forward to a more relax days next week. I now have the chance to read Eric's Review of Zenni Optical because again hubby's eyeglasses is worn out and he's thinking of a replacement but we want to only have those with the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses, because that's what we can afford. Been thinking about getting him one from The #1 online Rx glasses store but still we have to wait for the budget.
I think he would love this

In this tough time, we don't just buy unless we need it. We need to save and save and save for our future plans. This year we still see more short term mission trip and we need to save for that.

Anyways, here's for a more relax weekend :)

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