Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some pictures

Just like what we are doing in Manila, we also did most of the things that we used to do there, we printed t-shirts that will serve as the kids uniform in the school. This way, they will really feel that they are going to school indeed and hopefully this will give them more enthusiasm in studying.

The picture below was taken at the village entrance. Carmel & Andrew just arrived the day before and this was supposed to be their first day in school but it was cancelled. I'm wearing a long sleeve top because it's really hot here. Temperature I think is 32 to 34 degrees everyday. And to think we are already in the highlands. Anyone wants to buy us an SPF 30 lotion there or an anti wrinkle cream? we need a lot of those here.

The above picture was when my dear husband led the worship in the local church here. We sang an all English songs and it was great!!!

Wherever we are, God can use your talents if you just let HIM.

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