Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Missing them

I will never forget those many little feet...

Sorry but I guess most of the post you will see on this blog is about our recent mission trip to Sabah, Malaysia. I told you I have loads of pictures but I am choosing the ones I could upload for everyone to see and enjoy.

The work out there is big, so many souls who haven't heard about God's amazing love for them. We need workers everywhere and I hope I can be one (full time) someday soon.

Friday is Sports and Feeding day-after playing games, they all lined up for a bowl of food prepared by Teacher Naty.

They were excited to have uniforms, I guess it makes them feel like they are really into school. I do hope this kids continue to go to that non formal school and learn the basics, you know read and write. It's amazing when you hear them count from 1 to 100 in English and the are happy to learn. They don't need to learn to do or analyze some insurance quotes, for them learning to converse in simple English is more than enough. Learning to write their names on their paper are more than enough.

They are simple kids, they don't ask much. In fact, they enjoy their life, they are enjoying their childhood. Swimming in the nearby river, playing in the woods.

I'm missing them.

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