Thursday, January 14, 2010

Youth Service

I am going to speak to the youth service on the 24th of this month, this would be my first time to speak to youth as in teenagers. I'm used to speaking to young adults like twenty above because that's the age group I handled when I was still single. But now, I am going to speak to youth whose ages are fourteens, sixteens and maybe thirteen years old girls and boys.

I still do not know what to say, haven't picked up a topic yet. One thing for sure though, I will not talk on youthology issues or about staying young forever but I am thinking of talking about how can they be of help in the body of Christ even at their young age. I am also thinking and praying if it is the right time to talk about purity or true love waits or dating. I still have to wait for what God will tell me.

Please pray for me and for these young people, pray that i will only share what God has asked me to share and that they may get something from it.

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