Friday, January 22, 2010

weekend list with baloons and flowers

It's Saturday! Nothing special is going to happen today but if you sense the excitement on that it is because simply means no work for me. I call it my rest day from the office but of course this is ministry day. We were supposed to join the Bibu kids this morning but we woke up late (again) but then it was already 4 Am when I went to bed.

So what's on my list today?

1. Will go to Divisoria in an hour (for my foreign readers, that's the best bargaining market in Manila) I am going to canvass stuff for give away, whew! I suddenly remember that it's still work's ok, at least I am not confined in the office for whole day.

2. Will have to study about the topic I am going to share with the youth tomorrow. I am beginning to feel the nervous because this would be my first time with them.

3. Will attend music team practice for the worship service tomorrow.

Someone texted me an invitation to attend a balloon seminar also but I can't do that for now, but along with my dream of learning the art of flower arrangement I hope to do that someday soon. You see, I am fascinated with balloons and flowers and those two can be use both in weddings and birthdays and any parties which is my passion also. I hope to have that balloon/flower business alongside with the wedding/events coordination soon.

Anyways, we are leaving now. I hope you guys have a good weekend! Blessings everyone!

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