Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

We're back from our four days vacation..And this is actually my first post for the year 2010.

People do make resolutions every new year, I used to when I was still a kid for reasons I do not understand. I mean why make a new years resolution while you can start making resolutions any day and anytime right?

I have stopped making resolutions on new year long ago, you know that long list of "things I will change for this year" thing. like I will lose weight this year, then at the second month stopped working out and decided on taking fat burners supplement, then on the third month completely abandoned the resolution. That was me before.

This year, I still don't know what's gonna happen. No one is certain of his future anyways but I still feel better If I have plans or visions or dreams or goals so instead of making new years resolution I'll try to make goals and If I fail there is always a fresh start for us even if it is not new year. God's grace doesn't abound only on new year but the whole year through.

Hope we all have a bountiful 2010!!!

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