Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Utility Van for the ministry

Christmas is just around the corner, 32 days to go and everyone seems to be excited, people are buying gifts already, some are even finished with their list while me on the other hand hasn’t started anything yet. I just don’t feel it yet at this moment. Oh wait, last month I wrote my wish list and posted it in my other blog and guess what? a good blogger friend said she now knows what to get me. That’s the advantage of having your wish list published.

And talk about wish, the husband and I have the ultimate wish list for next year or the next year or the in the future years to come. It is something that we can use for the ministry, something that we really need for the ministry. We are actually praying for a car, nope not the expensive chevy but we are praying for this utility van.

photo from sulit.com

It is perfect for the ministry because it is very spacious, we can carry all our stuff, children’s tables and all the materials we need for the Saturday feeding and literacy program. This cost roughly 600 to 700 thousand pesos or $16,000.

But wait, that’s nothing compare to this yellow 2010 audi s4,

look at that! It is so beautiful but the I guess the price is beautiful too! but then again taht's a real beauty. And here’s another one, it’s the 2010 audi a4. Wow!! If you have the resources and you want it, why not drive one yourself. If not, there's nothing wrong in dreaming. let's dream together.

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