Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update: Hubby's mission trip in Malaysia

He left Monday so it's been four days now. I was actually worried when he left because we have heard a lot of missionary being sent back by Malaysian immigration for reasons we do not know but Praise God he is there now and is helping our Pastor in their work there.

We talked over the phone yesterday and he's alright. He knows it is what God wants for him to do, He said they are visiting churches and teaching music mostly musical instruments and reaching out for the non believers there. They have loads of schedule and I'm sure he's overwhelmed but they are fine. He thought of it as order fulfillment or order being fulfilled at some sort.

When he gets back, we will surely talk if we will go there and stay for long term. After all, we've been praying for His direction for us since January of this year and we know eventually that we are going out of our country to be missionaries.

Please continue to pray for him, for God's protection to them and for the provision of their every need.

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