Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hubby's mission trip

It's confirm hubby is leaving on the 16th of November and will be back on the 25th just in time for a friends wedding.

How I wish I could come and do this short mission trip together like what we did last February in Macau and Hongkong but sad to say I can't. First I'm tied up with loads of office work and second we don't have enough funds. we still don't have enough even now for his trip but we are holding on to God's promise. Fort sure He will provide.

And I do hope this would be the first and last mission trip that he has to go through without me. And you bet this would be my 10m longest day. But I am looking forward to his coming back because the next day we will be going out of town for the wedding and will stay there for 2 nights. We will checked in a not so fancy hotel and definitely not one of those myrtle beach vacation rentals but that would be enough to make up for the 10 long days that he won't be here.

Please pray for him, pray for strength and that God will make him safe there. Thanks everyone!

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