Monday, November 30, 2009

Hubby still in Malaysia

And he will be back on December 8 so he still have 7 more days to spent in the mission field, we're still counting for your prayers. This mission trip has brought a lot of changes in our lives, we can truly say we've given up our own will and happiness for this. It is not easy being separated for three weeks. I've learn a lot of things and the same with my husband.

I saw some of their pictures when they sang in "Fly high Youth Conference" in Kota Kinabalu and seeing that makes me feel more at peace that we did the right thing. Yes we have had loads of arguments about him extending his stay for that event but Praise God everything is ok now.

The house is till empty without him, the ministry we are both doing here is still not the same without him but I am coping. In fact one advantage that it gave was I don't need the best diet supplement anymore, somehow I loss appetite and would only eat if I am really really hungry.

We will have loads of talks when he got home, his plans, what the Lord had taught him on that trip, where we will go, what to do, shall we go full time now in the mission field? AM I leaving my day job soon? That I have to find out when he comes home. So please keep on praying for us, for direction and for God's guidance.

Have a nice week everyone!!

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Jopoy said...

I will be praying for you guys. I just want you to know that your blog keeps me sane. I love reading your blog and all your posts and i learn a lot from it.

Thank you for putting up this life saver blog of yours.

God Bless!