Friday, October 30, 2009

Praisin Kids Town Update

We canceled the event for tomorrow because as I write this post storm signal no. 3 is up here in Metro Manila and it is too dangerous to have 150 kids in your hand while there is a typhoon. i would not risk the kids health and lives.

So we canceled the mini carnival event. It was actually a tough decision because we're all set for tomorrow, all the game booths are up, food cart suppliers are ok, the volunteers although we still need some are good plus some of the food were already bought yesterday.

But again as I have said I don't want to take the risk. Better to be safe than sorry. I'm sure the venue will be wet and slippery although it's a covered court and flooring is not a porcelain tile which is a lot more slippery but still kids do run and run and run so it will still not be safe.

We still don't have a new date and venue for the event, hopefully we can do it next Stauday November 7th. Will keep everyone posted.

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Rita T. said...

Smart move to cancel. Hopefully things will go well next week!