Monday, October 26, 2009

Praisin Kids' Town update

Praisin Kids' Town - A once a year activity of fishnets ministry. A mini carnival for Urban/street kids where they can play, have some prizes and enjoy good food!

This year it will be on Saturday, October 31,

We have the following games;

1. Dance Rev-o
2. Plinko
3. Dart Balloons
4. Clown face
5. Animal hunter
6. Spin the wheel
7. Basketball
8. Bowling
9. Ring Toss
10.Art station

This year we will also have Glitter tattoo. I'm sure kids will love it!!

Snacks to enjoy;

1. Squid balls
2. Ice Cream
3. Hot dogs
4. Cotton Candy
5. and we have chocolate fountain!

We're all set for Saturday, we only need to follow up the car that the neighbor lend us. This is our prayer request, we need a dedicated vehicle for the fishnets ministry, we hope and pray the Lord will give us one soon. A spacious van will be very nice so all the stuff we need in teaching these kids will just fit there. it doesn't have to have nice accessories like good car grilles but a simple but useful van will do. Please pray with us.

The venue is also confirmed.
Volunteers -we still need some hand because we expect at least 150 kids that day so that's a lot of kids to take care plus we need people to man the booth games.

That's all for now, for sure I'll post picture of this activity for all of you.

God bless everyone!

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sexyjessie said...

Have a blessed time with these kids! God bless!