Friday, October 16, 2009

Business Plan

I'm excited! We've been praying for a small home based business for quite sometime now and just this afternoon a friend of mine which happens to be our housemate and a fellow missionary also came up with this business idea and we are getting our first client so soon!! We are no business plan writers and we didn't have any feasibility study about this because really it is just a small business.

We will be renting out chocolate fountain for parties!! and who does not love chocolates especially kids right? Actually, I've been thinking about this few months ago and I am just so happy to finally see it happen.

I wanted so badly to work at home because of the ministries. I want to spend time with what God has been impressing in our hearts and so this is really a big start for us, so aside from printing shirts and selling sweets, we can now rent chocolate fountain and when the income from these sidelines indicates that i don't have to work anymore in the office to cover all our expenses then I will surely quit my job and focus on the ministry.

Oh well, it may sound idealistic but let's see. Nothing is too difficult and too big for our God.

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