Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are you insured?

I guess most of the reader of this blog from United States or from any Western countries would say yes, but most Filipino readers would likely answer no. It is not a big thing here especially if you are just on the average family income. While it's very different in the US, almost everything and everyone is insured, it's so easy to get term life insurance online quotes while I don't think such exist here in my place.

But does it really matter if we are insured or not? The recent calamities that hit the Philippines made almost everyone think of the insurance especially in their cars and properties and a lot are very disappointed knowing that their insurance doesn't cover force majeure.

I just hope we all realized that the best insurance we can have is the insurance of SALVATION. That what matters most is our soul that will be living forever. After all this body and all the materials are consumated we still ahve our souls. So it is best to know and be sure where your soul is going to right?

And guess what..insuring our soul thru accepting Jesus Christ is free!!! no monthly payment, no contracts to sign, no hassle, absolutely FREE!

SO are you insured?

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