Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Praising Kids town year 2

Fishnets ministry has an upcoming event this October 31. It’s “Praising kid’s town” again and we are all doing our best to make this even successful. We are expecting to serve at least 150 kids from the urban poor areas. We are raising funds for this event and as of now we still need a lot so I encourage you my dear readers to please pray with me for this event.

Our prayer items are the following;

1. Committed volunteers
2. Funds /Materials
3. Transportation means for the kids
4. For a nice weather on that day

Praising kid’s town is a mini-carnival for the kids, we aim to give smile and leisure for these kids that cannot afford to go carnival to enjoy, we also aim thru this activity to veer them away from addiction, gambling, vices like cigars and solvent. We hope these kids will grow as responsible citizens of this world.

And of course, along with this please also pray for the flood victims. We are also collecting blankets and towels and clothes for the victims. I have already a handful and we will give this to relief center maybe tomorrow.

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