Monday, July 27, 2009

Ministry Updates

This is busy month. There are two short term missionaries coming on the 2nd of August and they’ll be staying in our church. Another couple is coming on the 16th and they will stay for two weeks. There are two cleansing day happening on August 22 and August 29, there is Jam night (youth event) and one Manila tour for our visitors. All of that in the month of August. I know I won’t need any weight loss pill this month because I’ll be doing a lot of work. But Guess what? It feels good though I know there will be lots of headaches and hard work to do because this is what I really want to do. There is a big difference when work gets toxic at the office. Oftentimes I feel burnt out and tired. But not when you know you are doing what God wants you to do, when you are doing what He has called you to do.

God bless everyone!!

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Denise said...

God bless you two sweetie.