Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fishnets-Bituing Bulilit

I'm excited!

On saturday (April 4) we will officially start the "Bituing Bulilit" (Little stars) feeding and literacy program.

For now, we will start with one area which is in Lapaz, Makati City and we initially listed 25 kids from urban foor families of this area.

Why only 25? because we want to really be an agent of change in their lives and we know we can only do that if we will give them enough time. Enough time for each individual to teach them how to read, enough time to share God's love through bible stories, enough time to teach them good habits, and enough time to be able to reach each kids family.

And because this is only an initial project right now, we are foreseeing more urban poor areas to bring this program.

I volunteered for the food we are going to give them on Saturday as we still don't have enough funds. But I tell you we are not driven by funds, we are driven with compassion for these less fortunate kids. I'm sure God will give us more than what we need for this ministry.

I'm asking for you guys to please pray for us and partner with us in this endeavour.

Below are pictures from "teachers training" which was held for 2 Saturdays in our church. Teachers were trained for the literacy program and basic classroom management.


Denise said...

Praise God for such wonderful news.

Grammy said...

Oh that sound like fun and what a blessing for the kids.

Marsha said...

Praising God!!! How WONDERFUL!