Monday, January 5, 2009

Under The Bridge

I recently chance upon this video on you tube.Naomi and Rachel were youth missionaries from UK and they stayed in our church for months helping people under the bridge. They uploaded this video.

I wanted to write updates on the people about the video but not sure though how, but then let me try it ;

The girl who is being weighed is still underweight, she is still so skinny but they don't live there anymore.

The little boy eating with spots in his skin is not so like that now, he's clean and he is so cute!

The other boy who smiles so wide (we call him alalay) is now studying and is in grade 2.And he's doing good in school.

Another girl from that "under" is also now a scholar of the church.

And hubby is one of that guy who cuts the hair of these kids during hygiene day.

The guy who teach under the bridge is Byron, one of the staff in our church too and he's the one who discovered/befriended the people living there.

I think at least 7 families have been uprooted from under the bridge and is now leaving in a blue house, they sell fishballs on the street and they do have changed a lot.

But It is still a long long way to go.

Our church is still doing ministries for the urban poor and if you guys want to help you may do so by contacting Fishnets at International Teams Philippines at 632. 832.5142 or you can visit the website at

Or you may contact LJBC Global Ministry too at 632.831.5297.

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